Marketing Your Livestock For Slaughter Direct to The Consumer

This page is intended to be used as a guide only. It is your responsibility to know the law. You are responsible to check all state and local regulations pertaining to to the on farm sales of livestock and meats. The statements below are to the best of my knowledge accurate but you regulations do change and your circumstances are unique to your operations - SO ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO KNOW THE LAW BEFORE YOU SELL ANY ANIMAL FOR SLAUGHTER OR REPACKAGED MEAT!

More information will be added soon.

The number one thing consider -DO YOU KNOW THE LAW?

Labeled Not For Resale - You are really selling the animal not the meat

Way you can sell your animals -


By the head -


Live Weight - over an approved scale



Hanging weight or processed weight - when slaughtered and processed at a facility licensed to custom slaughter - (even you will not know the sale price after the animal is slaughtered and processed the animal is considered sold and no longer yours)




The processed meat must be picked up at the slaughter facility by your customer you cannot bring the meat to your farm and





If the carcass is going to more that one customer the slaughter house must divide the meat and you can not bring the meat to your farm and divide the meat. The slaughter facility must determine the weight each customer pays you for. .






Labeled Approved For Resale - The ability to sell individual cuts or prepackaged meats from your farm store - Check all local regulations before you resale meats from your farm

  All animals must be slaughtered and processed at fully inspected facility.


All packages must be properly labeled for resale.


All meat must be stored under approved conditions



If it is not certified you can't sell it as organic






See The Custom Slaughter Houses have Private Labeling for resale

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